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Chief Operating Officer

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**Location: Tulsa, OK.  This is a remote position for those already in Tulsa, OK or willing to relocate to Tulsa, OK**

Reporting to the CEO, our new Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a strategist who will lead our company's ambitious growth to scale auditing, enhance program operations, staffing, and partnerships. A sound businessperson and problem-solver, the COO will identify and fill gaps in staffing and processes, create and track progress with metrics across multiple projects, anticipate upcoming issues, and work with the our team to focus on the “big picture.”

The ideal candidate will have a background in successful operations management in social or private enterprises. Having demonstrated success in start-ups or fledgling teams, the COO will evaluate and implement strategic plans that improve the recruitment and retention of returning citizens and enhance our current revenue streams. The COO is always eager to improve culture and update operations, programs, processes, and organizational practices to create a space where staff will feel valued. The candidate is a natural leader with a strong ability to prioritize goals, right-size management tools (considering current and future organizational capacity), and understand how data and metrics can be used to measure programs against our OKRs. 


Organizational Leadership & Growth

  • The COO will provide leadership and oversight of key strategic scaling targets, focusing on program and organizational expansion.
  • Completes an in-depth internal assessment to determine capacity and infrastructure for multi-year growth, including:
  • Ensuring processes and procedures are scalable 
  • Resources are appropriate and anticipated for growth 
  • Organizational structure and staffing are sustainable 
  • Thoughtfully analyzing key departments/ functions over time
  • Forecasting relevant business development opportunities
  • Develops actionable business strategies aligning effectively with mission, vision, budget, and scaling goals.
  • Assesses and implements efficient and consistent workflow standards, processes, and protocols for organizational structure, and department support that ensure delineated ownership.
  • Establishes cross-functional norms that lead to forward-thinking collaboration.
  • Leads key efforts to design a strategic plan, including monitoring progress and results that track against the timeline. 
  • Provides regular updates to the CEO and executive leadership team on risks, changes, and upcoming actions/events.
  • Ensures transparency and ongoing communication throughout the organization to maintain awareness of strategic goals.
  • Serves as a representative to the Board of Directors, partners, donors, employees, government entities, and the general public.

Performance & Evaluation Implementation and Reporting (P&E quality assurance)

  • Establishes reporting requirements with normed data, benchmarks, and goals.
  • Creates feedback loops that link program strategy to customer experience and outcomes.
  • Identifies methods to increase early awareness of trends, analysis capability, data-driven decision making, and reporting efficiencies.
  • Partners with the Development team members to have a shared understanding of data and reporting needs.
  • Oversees the evaluation of stakeholder experiences and identifies opportunities to enhance or improve the experience for returning citizens.
  • Monitors organizational performance and establishes corrective actions for continuous improvement and accountability. 
  • Analyzes participation rate against the overall population for services to determine the impact on recidivism.


  • An understanding of the inequity of the criminal justice system and a commitment and shared goal to improve the lives of returning citizens
  • A flexible leader who is an active listener and proactively seeks feedback from teams


  • A minimum of 7 years demonstrated work experience in successful strategic leadership 
  • Bachelor's degree in social services or business administration.
  • Demonstrated success in creating and implementing a strategic plan.
  • Experience with forming strong business and community partnerships.
  • Excellent leadership abilities, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrated experience in management, with an emphasis on addressing strategic, financial, and community implications.
  • A proven track record of improving an organization's effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Ability to lead operations and collaborate with staff, working with diverse groups and a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs, ages, cultures, and experiences.
  • Expertise and deep experience in driving transformation to achieve specific business imperatives.
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a commitment to our mission.

Where you’ll work

We are a 100% remote company. 

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation for this position is based on experience

  • Remote work flexibility
  • Health insurance, dental, and vision coverage
  • Fun, fast paced environment
  • Creating tremendous impact at scale
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation